Q. How do I sign my child up for Fast Start?

A. Registration forms will be sent home each year in mid-November.


Q. How do I determine in which events my child is participating?

A. Fast Start will send home a confirmation page with your child’s event. This communication will be sent home mid-January.


Q. My child does not attend one of the Schools within the Winter Park Consortium of schools. Are there plans to extend beyond those schools and create a similar event within other school districts?

A. At this time, there are no immediate plans for Fast Start to host a similar event beyond what is currently underway. However, if you’d like to contact Fast Start about what it takes to create something along these lines in your community, please contact us at


Q. Is there a rain date in case of inclement weather?

A. No, there is no rain date. We will attempt to host the event, regardless of the weather – keeping the athlete’s safety in mind.